Ratan Tata said that he is not associated with cryptocurrency in any way, it is for those who loves Ratan Tata Sir.

Crypto currency

Ratan Tata, former chairman of the Tata Group, said on Tuesday that he has nothing to do with cryptocurrencies in any form. He does not take any interest in buying and selling any cryptocurrency and neither will such interest arise in the future, so I request you all not to trust any such news.

Giving this example of him is an important thing for people because he did not like to spread confusion among the general public by using his publicity, so he shared a screenshot of an article, which said that in his “recent investment Antitrust experts and major banks concerned”, he wrote, adding, “If you see any articles or ads mentioning my association with cryptocurrencies, ignore them and don’t get scammed.” citizen.”

Ratan Tata wants to tell his fans that he is not connected with cryptocurrency in any way, he wants to tell all this because a lot of wrong news is planted in the market, under the guise of these news, Here, Most of normal family person and retailer gets trapped in that community and wants that all these should not be with normal retailer. So that, he shares these things with his loved ones.

Another such incident was also seen in 2021, in which Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra also denied investing in cryptocurrencies, at that time it was being told through many reports that he too had invested in cryptocurrencies”. He dismissed the claim, claiming that he has “not invested a single rupee in cryptocurrencies”.

To read the Twit : https://twitter.com/RNTata2000/status/1673659074544648195?t=1Th5L2kB3yfJl9GEp4izzQ&s=19

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