Passengers Stranded at Airport for Three Hours After Air India Pilot Refuses to Fly!!

Air India Flight
Passenger Stranded

In a recent incident that has captured significant attention, approximately 350 passengers aboard an Air India flight from London to Delhi found themselves unexpectedly stranded in Jaipur for about three hours. The cause of this unfortunate delay was the pilot’s refusal to fly,

The incident occurred when flight AI-112 was diverted to Jaipur due to adverse weather conditions in Delhi. The incident occurred on Sunday when bad weather conditions forced the diversion of the flight. As the aircraft circled the sky for approximately 10 minutes, the pilot made the crucial decision to divert the flight to ensure the safety of the passengers and crew members. However, upon landing in Jaipur, the pilot invoked flight duty time limitations and duty hours, leading to the refusal to continue the journey.

Emergency Landing Incident in Jaipur: 

Flight A-112, originally slated to reach Delhi at 4:00 am on Sunday, encountered an unexpected twist as it made an unscheduled stop in Jaipur owing to adverse weather conditions at the Delhi airport. The aircraft diverted to Jaipur with the anticipation of resuming its journey to Delhi within a few hours.

Pilot’s Refusal to Fly:

Despite getting clearance from the Delhi Air Traffic Control (ATC) to proceed to Delhi, the pilot decided not to fly the plane and landed citing duty time limit and duty hours as the reason for his decision. This unexpected turn of events left the passengers stranded and prompted them to find alternate means to reach their destination.

Response from Airline:

In response to the reports, the airline issued a statement clarifying that the diversion of the flight to Jaipur was necessitated by adverse weather conditions and poor visibility at the Delhi airport.

They emphasized that it would be misleading to suggest that the pilots of AI112 had left the aircraft due to reaching their duty time limit, which inconvenienced passengers.

The airline further explained that while waiting for improved weather in Delhi, the cockpit crew became subject to Flight Duty Time Limitations (FDTL) as mandated by regulatory authorities. It was highlighted that once pilots come under FDTL, they are unable to continue operating a flight. In accordance with their commitment to passenger and crew safety, Air India promptly arranged a fresh set of crew to operate the flight.

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