Making KYC Compulsory for All Users on KuCoin from July 15!


Some restrictions have been imposed on the user of KuCoin, due to which Users will have to face problems in depositing the money in his wallet, but instead he has not denied the user to withdraw money, he can withdraw his money comfortably, for that User has to put a simple withdrawal request. 

Cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin has announced on Wednesday that any user who is or wants to be invested in KuCoin will have to KYC their wallet only then they will be able to take advantage of cryptocurrency. This process will be started from July 15 for all users on its platform. Will make Know Your Customer (KYC) authentication mandatory for According to the company, this will be in line with global compliance norms.

Following this announcement, all the users who register on the platform on or after July 15 will mandatorily need to go through KYC authentication to get access to all products and services.

How to Complete KYC Verification on KuCoin:

Step 1: Sign in to your KuCoin account. [Use your credential]

Step 2: Access the KYC Verification section
[Tap on the menu icon to expand the navigation menu.]
[Scroll through the menu options and locate the “KYC Verification” or “Verify Identity” option.]

Step 3: Provide required personal information [Users need to enter their personal information accurately, including full name, date of birth, and contact details.]

Step 4: Upload supporting [Upload the supporting documents, including Aadhar Card.]

Step 5: Review and submit your KYC application

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